Von der Leibrücke, Quinn

Name: Quinn von der Leibrücke
Date of birth: 22 Dec 2019
Owner : Maaike Godts
Contact: godtsm@yahoo.com
Country: NL

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Size: 58cm
Weight: 23 kg
Coat: fawn, curly
Teeth: complete denture, correct scissor bite
Hips: A, Norberg 35
Eyes: Ecvo (2022), Prcd PRA clear (N/N)
Von Willebrand free
MyDogDNA available (all clear)

Quinn is a confident, curious and friendly dog. Handles himself very well in different situations and locations (sailing, restaurants, new places etc). He also loves his training (searching and patience exercises are his specialty) and mental challenges. At home he is very relaxed and a great family dog.