Gismo de la Colline des Violettes

Name: Gismo de la Colline des Violettes 
Born: 17-01-2016
Contact: Robert Dederichs 

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Hips A/A
Elbows: 0
Eyes: clear
Size 61cm, 28kg
DNA: D/D, vWD1 free, prcd-PRA free

Gismo is a happy dog, he is friendly and a perfect family dog. At home he is very calm but outside in nature he is really active but easy to control. He has hunting skills and loves water and swimming. He adapts in every situation and has a good and strong character.

BH (Begleidhundeprüfung) in Luxembourg
Behavior Test in Switzerland (13 of 13 points)
TAN ( Test d‘aptitude naturelle) France ( 10 of 10 points)

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Luxembourg Champion
German Champion
Belgian Champion
Dutch Champion
French Champion ( Champion de France de Conformité au Standard)
International Champion