Elv Does van Horssens Heerlijkheid


Name: Elv Does van Horssens Heerlijkheid (Beertje)
Born: 18-10-2019
Contact: Marc en Mireille 
E-mail: steets@ziggo.nl

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Hips; A
Weight: 25 kg
Height: 57 cm
Genetical free from prcd-PRA en VWD1
Embark DNA profile available

Beertje is an enthusiastic dog. He loves people and children and he is convinced that he is the cutest dog on earth. He’s still fully discovering the world and for that he likes to use his nose. He loves his ball, loves the beach and loves searching games. Overall Beertje is an enthusiastic sweetheart who likes to have is family surrounding him.

Instagram: beertjebarbet

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