Vom Zulimo, Wizkid

Name: Wizkid vom ZulimoBorn: 17th march 2020Mail owner: christine.frei58@gmx.ch Health(details are not verified by barbetstuds.com)Hips: BElbows: 0Size: 58 cm, weight; 25 kgComplete denture, correct scissor biteColour: blackprcd-PRA: N/N clearD1-Locus: N/N clearvWD1: N/N clearDNA profile CharacterWizkid  is an affectionate, happy and uncomplicated companion who always wants to be with his owner. Likes to work (companion dog, tracking). Quiet… Continue reading Vom Zulimo, Wizkid

di Amaretto Nero Ruskin

Name: Ruskin di Amaretto NeroBorn: 07/05/2020 Contact: Alain LanckmansE-mail: alanckmans@gmail.com Health(details are not verified by barbetstuds.com)Hight: 59 cmHips: AAVonWilleBrand: freeprcd-PRA: freeLocus D: clearE lokus: E/eS lokus: S/sp Ruskin has a wonderful character.

Von den Tiroleralpen Brandon

Name: Brandon von den Tiroleralpen (Seppel)Born: 03-10-2019Contact: Thomas TingelhoffEmail: Thomas.Tingelhoff@t-online.de Website: www.therapiehunde-altenbeken.de Health(not verified by barbetstuds.com)Hips: A/ASize: 23kg and 58cmColor: Black-White , D-Lokus N/Nprcd-PRA: N/PRA(B)Laboklin DNA available CharacterSeppel is a real outdoorsman who is always and everywhere want to be there. He is addicted to cuddles and playful. He loves children and is open and friendly… Continue reading Von den Tiroleralpen Brandon


We are happy to welcome you, Barbet breeders, Barbet owners and all Barbetlovers. The Barbet population is small in numbers. Most breeders are aware that they should choose wisely what combination they use in breeding . Unfortunately many males are unknown and unseen. With this website we intend to share information about males in an… Continue reading Welcome