Aquatilia, Kappa Notos

Name: Aquatilia Kappa Notos (Marin)Date of birth: 04-11-2020Owner: Jan Herman MeijerContact: Health(details are not verified )HD-AECVO: All Clear ( 16-11-2022)Correct and complete scissor biteprcd-PRA Exon1; Clear (genetically)VWD1; ClearEmbark DNA profile availableHeight: 60 cm and Weight: 27 kgCoat: Wavy dark brown with white markers (bbSsp) CharacterMarin has a well balanced character. He is very friendly,… Continue reading Aquatilia, Kappa Notos

Van Horssensheerlijkheid, Lis Munzii

Name: Lis Munzii van Horssensheerlijkheid (Markies)Born: 06-02-2020Contact: Ger van de GeijnMail: HealthSize: 60 cm and 30 kgCorrect and complete scissor biteHips: ADNA profile is availableprcd_PRA: ClearVWD: Clear CharacterLis (Markies) is an eloquent handsome boy with a sweet temperament. He is happy and loves to be hugged as much as possible. He is alert and… Continue reading Van Horssensheerlijkheid, Lis Munzii

Creed Santal Ja-Sta Czech

Name: Creed Santal Ja-Sta CzechBorn: 02-12-2021Contact: Petra Fořt Pčolarováemail: HEALTHHips: AMyDogDNA profile – all clearprcd-PRA: clearVWD: clearSize: 58 cmColour: BlackD lokus: D/DS lokus: S/SpB lokus: B/b CHARACTER Bert, as we named him, is a beautiful black male. He is very very friendly to all humans or other creatures. We had done cannis-terapeutic exams, only in… Continue reading Creed Santal Ja-Sta Czech

vom Duckstein, Lord Lancelot

Name: Lord Lancelot vom Duckstein (Luky)Born: 05.08.2020Contact: CZ – Monika EngelEmail: engel.monika@seznam.czWeb: Health:Hips HD: A/AElbows ED: 0/0Shoulders OCD: clear/clearSize: 62,5 cm, 32 kgCoat: black, curlyComplete teeth, correct scissor biteprcd-PRA: N/N negativvWD1: N/N negativD-Locus: D/D negativECVO: clearB-Locus: B/bc, E-Locus: E/E, S-Locus: S/SDNA profileMyDogDNA availableFrozen semen available Titles:C.I.E.JWW 2021, JEW 2021WW 2022, EW 2023CH: AT, CRO,… Continue reading vom Duckstein, Lord Lancelot

Dauna de Fraye, Rei de la

Rei de la Dauna de Fraye Born: 13/12/2020Contact: Veerle WuytackEmail: HealthWeight: 27kgHeight: 60cmHD: A/A ED O/OPRA carrierWillebrand T1 freeLocus D free, Kb/Kb, S/sp, E/EDNA Embark available CharacterRei is a gorgeous, strong Barbet. Very well balanced dog, soft, smart and affectionate. Location Belgium 

Helec’s Blyger Af Jukon

Name: Helec’s Blyger Af Jukon (Balou)Born: 4-12-2019 Owner: Corinne LotzContact: Helena Carlsson (Breeder)Mail: HealthHips: A/A (Hip index Swedish register; 110)Elbows: 0/0Eyes: Not checked yet. Will do if asked about using him.Size: 22 kilogram and 58 cm high.  CharactersBalou is a lively and happy dog. He can be a bit reserved if people approach him too quickly.… Continue reading Helec’s Blyger Af Jukon

Åbyfjordens Helmer

Pedigree name: Åbyfjordens HelmerDate of birth: 08-10-2018Contact details: cleanraccoon@hotmail.comCountry: Norway Health(Details are not verified by A/A ED 0Size: 59 cmWeight: 27,5 kgCoat: small curls, black with white marksComplete denture, scissor bite Character:Great family dog who likes to work physically and mentally. Genuine water dog. Alert and energetic with long endurance but with the ability to… Continue reading Åbyfjordens Helmer

Di Amaretto Nero, Santiago

Name : Santiago di Amaretto Nero Born : 02/09/21Contact : Alain LanckmansMail : Health(Les détails ne sont pas vérifiés par A/ATaille: 58 cm Poids: 27 kgDentition correcte en ciseaux. Prcd-PRA: free, D-Lokus: free, Willebrand type1: porteur sain, S-Lokus: sp/sp, K-Lokus: KB/ky, profil ADN : sur demande. Disponible CaractèreSantia est un chien sociable avec les autres chiens et… Continue reading Di Amaretto Nero, Santiago

Vom Zulimo, Xhoi

Name: Xhoi vom ZulimoBorn: 7.2.2021Contact: Brigitte SchürchMail: h.b.schuerch@bluewin.chlocated in Switzerland Health(details are not verified by 60.5 cmHips: BElbows 0prcd-PRA: N/N freevWD1: N/vWD1 carrierD locus: D/D freeK locus: Kb/KyDNA profile available

Vom Zulimo, Xtreme

Name: Xtreme vom ZulimoBorn: 7-2-2021Contact: Pia + Hans Ulrich Martiphone: 0041 (0)79 533 99 88mail: Health(Details are not verified by BElbows: 0Size: 60 cmprcd-PRA: N/N freeD locus: D/D freeK locus: Kb/KyvWD1:N/N freeDNA profile available